Patient & Family Support

It’s a choice no one should have to face: Pay rent and buy food – or get medical prescriptions filled. Yet, too often, it’s a choice many are forced to make. Our patient and family programs help us better meet the needs of vulnerable community members and assist them in regaining their health. This support comes in many forms, including aid with catastrophic medical expenses, clothing, transportation, or wherever the need is most critical.

We support our patients and their families through the following programs:

Greatest Need
Unrestricted gifts are especially important because they provide financial support where the need is most critical. You can be assured that your donation will be used to fund the priorities of providing the best possible patient care at UPMC Northwest Hospital.

Clothing Fund
People often face emergencies unprepared. As a result of an accident or other emergency, clothing is sometimes damaged or destroyed. Restoring dignity for patients with proper clothing is an important part of healing after a crisis.

Medication Hardship Fund
Not everyone has the benefit of full health insurance coverage. For some, it’s a choice of putting food on the table or going without medication. The Medication Hardship Fund ensures patients can obtain their medications and reduce the chance of costly hospital readmissions.

Transportation Fund
Each patient’s circumstance is unique. Transportation can pose a challenge for discharged patients who are without family, friends, or close neighbors to help with after-hours transportation. Thanks to direct philanthropic efforts, patients can transfer directly from hospital treatment to the comfort of home without waiting hours for a bus or having to find overnight lodging.

We have provided countless gloves, hats, coats, shoes, etc. It has been such a blessing that we have the means to make sure that the patients have basic items such as underwear to help them to feel comfortable and safe while receiving treatment.
– Trisha Rimpa, Manager UPMC Northwest Behavioral Health Department

To donate to the any of these patient and family support programs, please email Theresa Edder, Executive Director, at or call (814) 676.7145. Or donate online right now!