Have You Met Our Newest Staff Member?

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The hospital’s Learning Resource Center recently added a simulation manikin that is being used to help train staff involved in patient care, to include nursing staff and patient care technicians. The manikin also will be a resource to the community in that it will be used to help train local emergency paramedics who attend American Heart Association courses at the hospital.

The manikin is interactive and will allow staff to practice listening to the lungs and heart. In particular, staff will be able to train for patient scenarios such as a collapsed lung or lack of air movement.

In addition, the manikin allows staff to assess pulse, respirations, and heart rate and more easily recognize and react when a patient’s condition is deteriorating.

“The manikin will certainly augment our current resources,” said Stacy Workman, BSN, nurse educator. “It will help staff build their communication and teamwork skills and use of best practices.”

The purchase of the manikin was made possible through the generosity of the Northwest Hospital Foundation, which made a $15,000 grant.

“The hospital’s most valuable asset is the staff,” said Theresa Edder, executive director of the Northwest Hospital Foundation. “The foundation is pleased to make strategic investments which enhance their training, knowledge base, and skills and which help improve patient care, safety, outcomes, and satisfaction levels. We’re very grateful for the continued support of our donors, because initiatives like this wouldn’t be possible without their generosity.”

Susan Hoobler, Director of Clinical and Operational Informatics,
demonstrates how staff can listen to heart and lungs.

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